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All those places you’ve never been. The Grand Canyon. St Petersburg. Honolulu. But you’re here now. As you knew you would be. As you determined you must. The place of last judgements and letting go. A modest chamber. Double-doored. One chair. Slightly grand. Not too grand. Wooden. High-backed. There you sit. Awash with memories. How long have you been here? Who knows? Does it matter? Doesn’t matter. Time here is generous. Expansive. On the wall opposite a carved head with two faces one looking towards each of the doors. A reminder. Of what it is difficult to recall. What brought you here? It is difficult to recall. With so much to recall it is difficult to recall. But you can imagine. A professional in a white labcoat. Grave face. Roughly when vaguely why. Then the long or short wait. Or perhaps there was no wait. No inkling. The moment upon you without herald or augur. Split second this is it. Or not even that. Just gone. Bang. Discontinued. Your mess left behind for the others to clear up. To try to make sense of. Pity them that. If there’s a story in there it will be rudimentary that much is obvious. For everything done always more was left undone. A few scratched surfaces. Obsessions yes but could you not have obsessed a bit more? They won’t care. They’ll remember the manner. The glint. Whatever it is about you that they loved. Perhaps when it came you were gone already. For them gone already. A shadow. Asleep. Off your head in the house of Morpheus. Gallery of memories all but dissolved. Perhaps, perhaps ... but you are here now. Wherever you are ... however you got here ... you are here now. And they are here with you. The memories. All that is left of all that once was. Stills from the reel to pore over shed a tear if needs be. When all’s said and done why that life and not another who knows? Excuse the muddle excuse the muddle it’s hard to think clearly.


(Part one of a text in three parts)

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