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Snow Q
Collaborative project
December 2018

Text by
Maria Jastrzebska
Music composed by
Peter Copley
Tactile visual material by
Dagmara Rudkin
Digital visual material by
Wendy Pye
Sound design by
Simon Yapp
Solo viola performances by
Ellie Blackshaw
Text performances by
Rita Suszek
directed by
Mark C. Hewitt

See the documentary video »

R&D of a multi-artform visual/performance installation
in the basement annexe of The Regency Town House in Brighton that showed for one day only on the winter solstice 2018. Each of the collaborating artists reimagined aspects of the story of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen to explore contemporary themes of social isolation, gender, sexuality, migration and exile.

Audience responses to the installation were overwhelmingly positive,
• "... all the elements of the installation came together beautifully. Maria's wonderful poetry was complemented by an array of stunning videos, artworks and musical pieces."
• "... wonderful interplay between images and sounds... The venue for this was perfect, emphasising the weirdness of it all. Serious congratulations to this team of creative artists and engineers for coordinating such a many-layered experience. It just asks to be repeated!"
• "Very moving - it spoke so eloquently of the lost and lonely and the endless search."
• "Beautiful and mysterious - the fluttering birds in the end cupboard broke my heart."
• "Great and dark evocative music … beautifully played."
• "Spellbinding and strikingly original, a perfectly odd and beautiful representation. Deconstructed, yet coherent and engaging – a multi-modal formula to explore further. Where and what next?? Six out of five stars!"

An additional performance of Maria Jastrzebsk'a experimental text was given by actress Rita Suszek (below) at the Lewes Live Literature rehearsal space, directed by Mark C. Hewitt, using recorded music by Peter Copley. The event explored the potential of Snow Q to be separately developed as a live literature production. Once again, audience feedback was excellent.
• "It addressed urgent issues in a poetic playful mode. It made me dream and think."
• "I found the experimental movement in and out of Polish and English really unexpectedly exciting, producing a state of wonderment ..."
• "I didn’t always know what was going on but it drew me in enough that I didn’t want to leave."
• "The poetry was powerful, the music was moving, the acting was splendid."