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live literature / literary theatre

Work as a director has become central to Mark C Hewitt’s artistic activity. In 2006 he was awarded a 'Cultural Leadership Bursary' by the National Association of Literature Development to study the role of the director, particularly within the sphere of ‘live literature’. Productions since then include: Dementia Diaries by Maria JastrzÄ™bska; Altered Egos by Bernadette Cremin, Puff by John Agard, Dora vs Picasso by Grace Nichols and Zones of Avoidance by Maggie Sawkins, which was the 2013 winner of The Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry.

Above: Maggie Sawkins in 'Zones of Avoidance' (2013).
Below: The Amor Flamenco trio in ‘Dora vs Picasso’ (2015)
Below: John Agard in 'Roll Over Atlantic' (2016)
bern Joan-smallerTim in chair
Above: Bernadette Cremin in ‘Altered Egos’ (2010) / Tim Barlow in ‘Dementia Diaries’ (2011)