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Blank Productions
Civilization (and its discontents)
New work for theatre

Civilization - Klimowski poster crop
Artist Andrzej Klimowski's poster image perfectly captures the mood of sleazy horror that permeates the play. Harold Pinter has said of Klimowski: 'He looks at things head-on but at the same time inside out and upside down, round the corner and through a shattered keyhole.’ (Good enough for us!)

Plans are underway to preview the work in 2018. But, with a fairly large cast and potentially demanding technical set-up, this won't be easy.
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Should I stay or should I go?


Live Literature: forthcoming performances

Zones of Avoidance
by Maggie Sawkins

A performance in Bristol of the production, directed by Mark C. Hewitt, that won The Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. Fusing the real life testimonies of addicts in recovery with vivid language and evocative film, Zones of Avoidance gives a powerfully moving account of a mother caught up in the drama of her daughter’s addiction. More about Zones of Avoidance »

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Monday 2 October: The Bristol Improv Theatre. Details to follow.

Roll Over Atlantic ☆☆☆☆
by John Agard

Caribbean-British poet John Agard's one man show, directed by Mark C. Hewitt for intercultural performing arts company Crosspath, continues its tour into autumn 2017 with dates at Tara Theatre in London and Corpus Playroom, Cambridge, hosted by The Marlowe Society. The production revisits Christopher Columbus and his infamous discovery of the New World in a mischievous voyage in verse (with songs) that mixes the tides of cabaret and calypso as John variously becomes Columbus, The Atlantic, a native shaman and The Mighty Mosquito (see picture below).

Read the 4 Star review from London's Southbank Centre »

Forthcoming tour dates
Weds 18 October: Tara Theatre, London. Details »
Mon 13 November: Corpus Playroom, Cambridge.
Details »

Look out also for Crosspath's
Cook-Up Cabaret at Lewes All Saints Centre on Sunday 24th September.