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Songs of the Chambermaids
Brighton Rocks International Film Festival

The film version of
Songs of the Chambermaids - a sort of stand-alone sequence from my play Civilisation and its Discontents - was joint winner in the Best Experimental Film category following its premiere live screening at Brighton Rocks International Film Festival in June 2023. Over three ‘songs’, variously chanted or spoken over music for drum ensemble by Norwegian percussionist and composer Thomas Strønen, the sequence charts the narrative arc of Sigmund Freud’s essay Civilization and its Discontents, reimagined in the voices of three chambermaids, Ana, Bo and Cressida. Videography and editing by artist Matt Parsons. The work also won Best Experimental Film at Bestlov Film Festival, was a Finalist in the Music Video category at ARFF Amsterdam and received an Honorable Mention at Star International Film Festival in Firenze.

Vodka 01
Left to right: Melissa Sirol as Cressida, Marta Carvalho as Ana, Leann O'Kasi as Bo.

Love Thy Neighbour 02

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Geneva Convention
Brighton Fringe 2024

My play Geneva Convention will get its official full premiere at The Lantern Theatre, Brighton, from 28th-30th May 2024 as part of Brighton Fringe Festival, with further dates the following week. It's a highly experimental work in four parts, corresponding to the four conventions: Wounded & Sick / Maritime / Prisoners of War / Civilians. The piece explores the psychological/existential impacts of war, even on those not involved.

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“The existence of terror in society (whether in the form of torture, arbitrary imprisonment, kidnapping or disappearances) has harmful effects which are not limited to the potential or actual victims. Rather it functions much like a fragmentation bomb, damaging or at least threatening everything in the surrounding area.” (Marcelo Vinar, from the book 'Civilization and Torture')

“Brilliant. Thought-provoking, raw, provocative, multi-dimensional; use of music, space, silence …" (Audience Feedback from previews)