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Weight: three stories about secrets
LLL Productions
2010 - 2011

Short stories by Catherine Smith
Performed by Catherine Smith and Kathryn McGarr
Directed by Mark C. Hewitt

Incidental music by Peter Copley
played by Anne Hodgson (flutes) and Jo Eagle (accordion)
Sound design by John Avery
Lighting design by
Clare O'Donoghue

lo res - confession croppt
Photo © Stephanie Sian Smith

Three gritty stories by Catherine Smith from her short story collection, The Biting Point, developed for the stage in an absorbing live literature production.

SOW: a thin woman confesses to a priest the toxic secrets that have weighed her down for years. (Performed by Kathryn McGarr.)
THE KETTLE: five days after a married woman’s married lover dies in a road accident, the kettle stops working. (Performed by Catherine Smith.)
THE ASCENSION OF MARY: an unassuming, middle-aged woman discovers she can defy gravity – and that she’s not the only one! (Performed by Catherine Smith.)

The work was previewed in July 2010
at South Street, Reading and Nightingale Theatre, Brighton.
Read the online review from the
Brighton Evening Argus.

'... pulls no punches in taking us to the darkness at the very edge of our dreams. Gloriously subversive ... ' Vanessa Gebbie

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Above: Catherine Smith performing 'The Kettle' (South Street, Reading - photo © Candida Lucca)