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Future Dreaming
May/June 2014
Curated by artist Guyan Porter

Future Dreaming was a group exhibition at The Foundry Gallery in Lewes, to which Mark C. Hewitt contributed a video installation and site specific performance.

Guyan Porter
Hollington & Kyprianou
Xelís de Toro
Alinah Azadeh
Mark C. Hewitt

All of the participating artists devised new works for Future Dreaming, involving painting, sculpture, installation and performance art in a series of interventions that connected their own practices with the themes of the project.

Mark’s work comprised two elements:

1) an audio/video installation that recontextualised text from 2013 performance
Expiry tbc heard on earphones within a video box. A video projection showed the face of Janus, the double-faced Roman god associated with doorways and transitions.
FD installation 1

2) a site-specific performance:
it’s time to consult the captain of the ship of dreams
_G056061 copy

_G056069 copy