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artistic explorations of architectural themes

A project developed by Mark C. Hewitt and Rowena Easton exploring the relationship between buildings and psychology. Key themes were collapse, ruin and 'the uncanny'.

Mark&Ro lo-res
Rowena Easton & Mark Hewitt. Photo by Simona Danielova.

collapse projects to date

June 2008

Dream Buildings
An online collection of different people's accounts of dreams in which 'architectural' structures and interiors play a significant role within the narrative. The project - launched in June 2008 with an event at
Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, as part of architecture08 festival - has continued to inform subsequent work.

Left: Ghost (2002) © Estate of Greg Daville

September / October 2009
Floor Plan
Phoenix Brighton

a strange house my voice the walls the silence featured textual fragments of dream narratives (charcoal on plasterboard), spatial interventions, a very small doorway and a river of copper sequins. Floor Plan - artists exploring our relationship with buildings and architecture was a curated exhibition and also featured work by Louise Bristow, Peter Bobby, Rosalind Davis, Jane Ward and Rich White.