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Prison Dialogues
LLL Productions 2020

Written and directed by Mark C. Hewitt
Performed by Sarah J. Lewis, Leann O'Kasi, Araba Jane …
With incidental music by Peter Copley

Prison Dialogues consists of interweaving male and female dialogues set in the 'everyday' of prison. Two men, three women, and a text full of banter that leans playfully towards the futile.

The play was mainly written and tried out at rehearsed readings during 2019, the male dialogues and female dialogues being written in separate stages of the development process. Prison Dialogues, as a work for theatre, is pared down to the minimum - almost pure text - with next to no props and a set consisting of three chairs. Despite this, at the rehearsed readings in 2019 of the emerging work in progress, audiences picked up on its richness:
• "... enjoyed the surreality of the Prison Dialogues"
• "... genius idea. Life's existential questions from narrators who aren't expected to engage with those issues."
• "Lively and engaging, playful with language and relationships …"

The piece is loosely informed by writer Mark C. Hewitt’s observations while running drama projects linked to his work as co-director of the Penned Up prison festivals.

Below, the Prison Dialogues girls: (l to r) Sarah J. Lewis, Leann O Kasi, Araba Jane.

Photo © Sara Roque Peres, 2020

First performances are due to take place at Brighton Fringe Festival. Originally May 2020, but now, whenever Brighton Fringe is rescheduled.