Official website for Mark C. Hewitt & Blank Productions

Mark C. Hewitt is a freelance writer, theatremaker and director of live literature productions.

Some of his work is developed through these companies:
Blank Productions - focused on interdisciplinary collaboration
LLL Productions (Lewes Live Literature) - focused on live literature productions
MCH Productions - writing and theatre projects that don't readily fit the remit for either of the above

Other projects he has an ongoing involvement with include:
Crosspath - intercultural performing arts company (set up with poets John Agard and Grace Nichols)
ZoA poetry productions (with poet Maggie Sawkins)
Penned Up - literature festivals in prisons and arts projects in the criminal justice system

Alongside these artistic activities, he freelances as a director, facilitator or programmer for a range of clients.

+44 (0)796 836 7739