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Facing the Public
LLL Productions

Poems and fiction by Martina Evans
Directed by Mark C. Hewitt

Facing the Public was a showcase of poetry and prose by
Martina Evans (née Cotter) exploring Irish social and political history as refracted through the lives and accumulated experience of the Cotter family over three or four generations.

Using words and photos, the piece took the form of a multi-media scrapbook, or in Martina's own words: "a detailed vision of Ireland that goes between the world of my parents and grandparents in the 1920’s and my own childhood in the 1970's". Performed by Martina, the piece was given a scratch performance during the Lewes Live Lit Festival Season, October 2007.

The book of poems, Facing the Public, was published to great acclaim by Anvil Press in 2009.


Left: recent photo © Barbara Piemonte, 2006 / Right: the young Martina in her Communion Dress

Union Quay barracks
Above: the much feared Black & Tans in Ireland in the 1920s. Read Martina's The Boy from Durras.

Evans - Facing the Public