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Polska by the Sea
LLL Productions / Eastbourne Festival
April 2009

Photographs by Lisa Barnard
Interview texts by Mark C. Hewitt

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photos, installation and postcards
photo shoot at Little Polka Café and installation launch

Postcard collection with text by MCH linked to photographic installation at Eastbourne Station.

The postcards combine Lisa Barnard's photographs of domestic ephemera with snippets of quotation from interviews with Polish people living and working in Eastbourne focusing on personal reflections, aspirations and sense of identity. The photographs were taken at the houses and flats of participants in the project. The collection is now available as
a boxed set of 24 postcards through LLL Prroductions.

"I was born in Poland, now I'm English" | "My generation were the first Polish children to grow up here and most of us fitted in very well. But our parents found it hard. Doctors had to retrain, lawyers couldn't practice law at all unless they retrained, you had generals washing dishes ..."

"English Bank Holidays are nothing to do with anything. When you have a day off it's just a day off. A day to go shopping. In our country every Bank Holiday is a special celebration day. Sometimes I think of it as a sort of theatre ..." | "I have fond childhood memories of my grandparents. I was was very close to my grandfather and grandmother and they were very important to me. My grandfather died but my grandmother's still in Poland. She's 87 years old."

The project was developed in collaboration with Polish community networking group, Polskie Eastbourne. (With special thanks to Miriam Miklaszewska.)

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