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it’s time to consult the captain of the ship of dreams
Future Dreaming (curated by Guyan Porter)
May / June 2014

Text written and performed by Mark C. Hewitt

Future Dreaming was a group exhibition that took place at The Foundry Gallery, Lewes, to which Mark C. Hewitt contributed a site specific performance.

it’s time to consult the captain of the ship of dreams’ was a performance accompanied by the continuous sound of the sea. The audience heard the recorded voice of a narrator describing - in real time - a series of activities undertaken by a protagonist, who examines the contents of the exhibition and finds himself none the wiser. He looks for clues to the nature of his predicament amongst the detritus and newspaper cuttings that he finds on the floor but they provide no useful insight. In the end he calls out to the captain of the ship, pleading for answers concerning the nature of the journey he (and the other passengers) are undertaking but receives none.

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