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Made in England, 2009

Mark C. Hewitt worked as a Creative Producer for BBC South and Arts Council England to develop the concept and co-ordinate delivery of a literature/broadcasting project entitled Consequences.

Photos on this page © Ash Mills, 2009

Consequences was a literature/digital arts/broadcasting project involving four writers - Ros Barber, Catherine Smith, Hattie Ellis and Louisa Adjoa Parker - researching and writing micro-stories in response to individual stories from four places in the south of England: Brighton, Oxford, Salisbury and Weymouth. Fifteen micro-stories from each location were then each divided into four sections - loosely corresponding to the head, torso, legs and feet in a game of consequences. On the project website, these sections were put on to software which enabled the stories to work as randomly generated cut-ups, resulting in an online game of literary consequences. As well as a temporary website, the project outcomes included a print-on-demand book featuring the stories and the people that contributed them, many radio broadcasts and a televised event on April 23, 2009, where the micro-stories were projected onto the roof of Salisbury Cathedral.

The project was part of a wider BBC/Arts Council England national programme of activity under the umbrella,
Made in England.


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From left to right: Catherine Smith, Hattie Ellis, Mark C. Hewitt, Louisa Adjoa Parker, Ros Barber