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Original Portuguese text by Moncho Rodriguez
('Labirinto de Amor e Morte')
English version by Mark C. Hewitt with Marta Carvalho
Performed by Marta Carvalho
Directed by Mark C. Hewitt
Music by Narciso Fernandes, featuring the voice of Clarisse Fernandes
Costume: Marília Martins
Lighting design: Ally Brett

A first translation project, working with actress Marta Carvalho. Labyrinth is a monologue in the voice of a woman determined to break free of the subtly coercive entanglements of romantic love. The narrative at times hovers ambiguously between murder and vivid fantasy as Carvalho's character seeks to ruthlessly annihilate - within herself - all traces of the affair that haunts her. This English version captures the obsessive nature of the Portuguese original, losing none of its visceral quality but maybe adding a layer of subtle dark humour.

Originally written in Portuguese by theatremaker
Moncho Rodriguez, the work was toured by Marta Carvalho in Portugal, Spain and Brazil prior to the new English translation being given a preview UK tour in autumn 2019.


The first performance was reviewed by Anna Arnone for Hastings Independent Press:
"In a set scattered with rose petals and bathed in blood red light, Marta Carvalho propels us into the sadness, the frustration, the rage, the love, the tension, the pain, and the beautifully dark humour, experienced by her character, as she voices those most taboo of thoughts. Yes, she killed him she declares; but has she? She symbolically eats his ashes and he becomes part of her in a neat symbolic reversal of the power roles. She acknowledges the various familiar roles that woman can slip into and then the haunting possession of her imagination by an ex-lover in the aftermath. … Labyrinth is full-on physical theatre in which Carvalho takes us on a woman’s rollercoaster journey through a myriad of emotions in the aftermath of a relationship. … Described as a 'fierce feminist monologue', Carvalho delivers her words bluntly and passionately, fixing you in her gaze or a stare as she moves around the circular set. It is both fascinating and disconcerting as her questions and statements seem to be aimed directly at you!"

See the rehearsal teaser here »

Photos © Sara Roque Peres, 2019