Official website for Mark C. Hewitt & Blank Productions

for adults and young people
since 2006

Workshops for writers
In collaboration with
New Writing South, Mark C. Hewitt has developed courses for writers wanting to present their work for audiences. Variously entitled Experiments with Live Literature and Making Innovative Live Literature, the courses explore a range of approaches to developing text for performance, encouraging collaboration across artforms and an open multimedia approach to experimentation and possibility. From these courses, a number of writers have gone on to develop their own first funded productions.

Workshops with young people
Workshop projects with young people have also focused on making and experimentation. Projects over recent years include ‘Farming Stories’ (in Louth, Lincolnshire, as part of Wolds Words festival), and working with students at Eastbourne College.

Workshops for marginalised and vulnerable groups
Mark has worked with marginalised and vulnerable individuals on a range of projects: from homeless people in Canterbury (
The Lost Room), addicts in recovery (Diving into the Wreck) and offenders in prisons (Penned Up).

RehearsingFarmingStories-photo5-20.10.06 2
Rehearsals for Farming Stories at Riverhead Theatre, Louth, in Lincolnshire.