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Earlier works for performance
1998 - 2009

May 2009

In May 2009, members of Farnham Playwrights Collective each created short or durational site specific works that might occupy unusual and neglected spaces at Farnham Maltings as part of the venue's annual one day Spring festival. Mark C. Hewitt’s contribution to the project was a recorded piece, entitled: IMPORTANT PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS TAPE.

On a dictaphone in a room visitors hear the voices of two women explaining why Mrs Pallant's husband, James, won't be coming home tonight. The audio cassette was recorded on a dictaphone at Benjamin Franklin House in London on 8 May 2009 with performances by Jo Bowis and Kathryn McGarr. The piece was first presented in the Wenham Room at Farnham Maltings the following day.

The original recording was presented a second time as part of Kill no more pigeons than you can eat, a series of interventions at Benjamin Franklin House, London, on 22 May, curated by Lili Spain and Sarah Grainger-Jones. This time the dictaphone was located in the ladies toilet.

The voices of the two women became the basis for Bridget and Shelley in The Revenge Fantasy Club (2012).

Farmed Out
1157performancegroup / Farnham Maltings
April 2006

Farmed Out002
Farmed Out was commissioned by Farnham Maltings for the Upstix/Pride of Place Festival 2006 in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Performance developed in collaboration with 1157performancegroup.

Written for one actor and three ghosts (shown as film projections), the piece explored the decline of UK farming and the poetry of ramshackle buildings and industrial rural landscapes.

Temptation of St Antony
September 2005

Rehearsed reading of work in progress. Event hosted by Pier Playwrights


February 1998

Text: Mark C. Hewitt
Images: Tom Walker
Music: Peter Copley

Two exploratory performances of a collaborative interdisciplinary performance project with texts by Mark C. Hewitt, projected images (originally in pastel on black paper) by Tom Walker and live music for string sextet by Peter Copley. After these initial explorations, Mark C. Hewitt began an extensive reworking of the text - the revision taking 13 years to complete - and resulting in the production scrublands.

Purgations performance004
Photos © Meg Sullivan, 1998

Purgations previews
Friday 13 & Saturday 14 February, 1998
All Saints Centre, Lewes, East Sussex

Musicians at first performance
Violins: Shereen Godber, Brian Lee
Violas: Elly Blackshaw, Grazyna Zarewska
Cellos: Anna Copley, Rachel Firmager
Musical director: Peter Copley

Purgations performance003