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Resting Points / The Harty Triptych
Commissioned for Leysdown Rose-Tinted by FrancisKnight Public Art Consultancy
(with the support of Swale Borough Council and Kent County Council)
September 2011 - March 2012

Sculpted resting points by Alun Heslop
Texts by Mark C. Hewitt

As part of a writer’s residency in Leysdown-on-Sea, Mark C. Hewitt wrote text for ‘Raptor’ and ‘Edge’, two resting points by artist, Alun Heslop, located on the Isle of Harty Trail, a cycle route through beautiful open countryside (including an RSPB bird sanctuary) between Leysdown-on-Sea and the hamlet of Harty. The work, which was commissioned by FrancisKnight as part of wider project entitled Leysdown rose-tinted, was installed during March 2012.

The text carved on to the resting points is a short poem in three sections entitled
The Harty Triptych. It is published on the North Kent Wandering Words writing website. As well as evoking the majestic grace of the Marsh Harriers that frequent the habitat, the poem evokes the flights of pioneering aviators over the same stretch of ground during the early twentieth century and draws a link between the two.

edge 1
Above: Edge / Harty Triptych (1) - in situ on The Isle of Harty Cycle Trail
Below: Edge / Harty Triptych (1) - in Alun Heslop’s workshop

Above and below: 'Raptor' in situ. (Photo © Richard Gooding)