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A first full collection of works for the page. Scrublands consists of four sequences of poetry / prose poetry with one more still in development. Poet Mimi Khalvati has said of the collection: "Each sequence is highly distinctive and adventurous in its form but they all cohere almost as if part of a book-length quest or spiritual pilgrimage. Though pitched in that liminal space between life and death, in a kind of purgatory, and haunted by existential angst, Mark C. Hewitt’s poetry is firmly grounded in contemporary experience and enlivened by delightful wit and humour. Powerful emotion is always held in check by a pragmatic, almost macabre cheerfulness – a ‘best get on with it’ approach to life."


2012. Poems from the Old Hill (The Frogmore Press, anthology) - 'Old Man River' (prose poem)
2011. Pumpkin Grumpkin (Walker Books, nonsense anthology for children, edited by John Agard & Grace Nichols) - 'Spring Song' (verse)
2009. Vacuum (Brighton art mag, Issue 5) - 'Adobe' (short prose)
1998. The Entertainers (LLL Publications, anthology) - 'Purgations', 'Old Man River' (poetry)
1990. IRON (Issue 62) - four aphorisms
1989. Margin (Issue no.10) - aphorism
1989. TAK TAK TAK - aphorism


Published articles

2017. "Should I stay or should I go?" - Arts Professional (online)
2014. “A Dream Fund” - Arts Professional (online)
2013. "Pointing the Right Way" - Arts Professional (online)
2008. ”Artists Don’t Bite” - A-N (Artists’ Newsletter) (2008)
2007. “Directing Live Literature” - National Association of Literature Development (website article)
2005. “Taking up Residence” - Arts Professional, issue 104 (2005)
2003. “Architexts” - Art & Architecture No.58 (2003)


"Blogs from The Lost Room" - The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury (2013)