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New expermental work for theatre / Venice exhibition

New experimental theatre piece to be premiered at Brighton Fringe Festival 2024 / Video work in Venice

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Geneva Convention
Brighton Fringe 2024

My play Geneva Convention will get its official full premiere at The Lantern Theatre, Brighton, from 27th-29th May 2024 as part of Brighton Fringe Festival, with further dates later in June. Geneva Convention is a highly experimental work in four parts, corresponding to the four conventions: Wounded & Sick / Maritime / Prisoners of War / Civilians. The piece explores the psychological/existential impacts of war. On all of us, even those not involved but who must reluctantly bear witness to its excesses.

See the trailer here »

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“The existence of terror in society (whether in the form of torture, arbitrary imprisonment, kidnapping or disappearances) has harmful effects which are not limited to the potential or actual victims. Rather it functions much like a fragmentation bomb, damaging or at least threatening everything in the surrounding area.” (Marcelo Vinar, from the book 'Civilization and Torture')

"Because whatever has happened to humanity, whatever is currently happening to humanity, it is happening to all of us. No matter how hidden the cruelty, no matter how far off the screams of pain and terror, we live in one world." (Alice Walker)

“Brilliant. Thought-provoking, raw, provocative, multi-dimensional; use of music, space, silence …" (Audience Feedback from previews)

Brighton Fringe Festival 2023
Dates: Monday 27 May (9pm), Tuesday 28 & Wednesday 29 May (7pm & 9pm)
Venue: Lantern Theatre, 77 St James's Street, Brighton BN2 1PF
Tickets: £12.00 / £9.00 (concessions)
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Phone: 01273 818266 (Lantern Theatre)

Further follow-up dates at Lantern Theatre
Thursday 20 June - Saturday 22 June, 7.30pm
Lantern Theatre Box Office »
Phone: 01273 818266

video art
Les Coffrets
We Art Open Worldwide 2024

Premium 00 Shadow 1080 x 1080
Video art pieces from the sequence 'Les Coffrets' - made in collaboration with digital artist Matt Parsons - will be part of the finalists exhibition for We Art Open 2024, hosted by CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo and No Title Gallery in Venice. The exhibition will be launched at CREA in Guidecca, Venice on Saturday 17 February and will run till 29 February. Details here »